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Trump Leads Biden In 5 Key Battleground States, New Poll Shows


New polls from the New York Times and Siena College released on Sunday show that former President DonaldTrump leads Biden in key battleground states, while Biden's numbers stay below those of the president.

Polls showed that Biden was behind Trump among voters in Wisconsin but ahead in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. When the results from all six states were added together, Trump had a 48 percent to 44 percent lead over Biden. Even if only likely voters are added, Biden's numbers get a little better. But Trump is still ahead everywhere except Wisconsin and Michigan.

Trump Leads Biden In Key Battleground States

President Joe Biden wearing a blue suit
President Joe Biden wearing a blue suit

A new poll shows that President Joe Biden is behind Donald Trump in states that are very important in the election. Some experts think that the results may have had something to do with Trump's angry statement in his Manhattan fraud trial on Monday.

Former President Donald Trump is set to appear in a civil fraud trial and is also facing more than 90 criminal charges. This means that there is a chance that a convicted felon will be at the top of the Republican ticket next November. On the other hand, President Joe Biden's chances of getting elected are falling.

Trump is likely to be called to the stand as a witness in New York on Monday. This is another strange turn in a 2024 campaign season that is better known for court hearings than trips through early-voting states. This is not at all what people usually do after leaving office. There was no doubt that Trump was the most unusual president.

A new study shows that President Biden is losing ground to former President Trump in five key battleground states. This is the latest bad newsfor Biden's reelection campaign, which is already facing criticism over the incumbent's age and policies on a number of issues.

In recent elections, the six states surveyed have been very important in the Electoral College. This is likely to continue in 2024.

The president's numbers were expected to disappoint him and his campaign in a number of important groups, such as voters under 30 years old, Hispanic voters, African-American voters, and voters in cities. The New York Times said:

In a remarkable sign of a gradual racial realignment between the two parties, the more diverse the swing state, the farther Mr. Biden was behind, and he led only in the whitest of the six.- The New York Times

As he deals with global threats like the war in the Middle East, his standing is weakening. People are losing faith in him because of how he is running the economy, and the multiracial alliance that elected him is showing signs of cracks. It also shows that the country is split and sad and that people are still looking for the "normalcy" that the president promised three years ago after the pandemic and the unprecedented chaos of the Trump administration.

The poll will also bring up the question of whether Biden is right to insist on running again, even though some Democrats say it may be too late to unite behind a different candidate.

A poll by the New York Times and Siena College found that about 6% of people in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin would vote for Biden instead of Trump if Trump is found guilty and sentenced. Given how close the races were in these swing states in 2020 and how close they are expected to be again next year, this kind of change could decide the election.

When it came to independent votes, Biden had a slight edge over Trump (39% to 37%). People asked said they would vote for someone other than Biden or Trump if they had to choose between the two. In Nevada, only 2% said they would, while in Georgia, 6% said they would.

There were also some flaws in Trump's numbers: About 44% of voters in every state asked said there was "not really any chance" they would vote for Trump. But Biden's numbers were worse. In every state, at least 47% of voters said there was "not really any chance" they would vote for Biden. In Pennsylvania and Nevada, 52% of voters said there was "not really any chance" they would vote for Biden.

Final Words

New York Times-Siena College polls released on Sunday and Monday show that former President Donald Trump is ahead of Vice President Joe Biden in five of the six most important battleground states. A repeat could happen in the following year.

Trump is ahead of Biden by 11 percentage points in Nevada, by 6 percentage points in Georgia, by 5 percentage points in Arizona and Michigan, and by 4 percentage points in Pennsylvania. In Wisconsin, Biden is ahead of Trump by three points. In all of those states, Trump has a 48% to 45% lead over Biden.

It was Trump who won Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in 2016, but Biden got all five of those states back in 2020. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, both Democrats, won both races in Nevada.

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