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UNRWA School In Gaza Hit By Attack, Killing At Least 24

In a devastating turn of events, UNRWA school in Gaza hit by attack on Saturday, serving as a refuge for displaced Palestinians.

Alexander McCaslin
Nov 21, 202336 Shares36164 Views
In a devastating turn of events, UNRWA school in Gaza hit by attackon Saturday, serving as a refuge for displaced Palestinians.
The attack resulted in at least 24 confirmed casualties, according to UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini.

The Cruel Reality Of The Attacks

Lazzarini condemned the attacks as "cruel" and emphasized that such incidents must not become commonplace. He urged an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.
These attacks cannot become commonplace, they must stop.- UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini
Al Jazeera's video of the horrific scene of devastation at the UNRWA school, known as al-Fakhoora, showed dead bodies strewn about the school's grounds and classrooms reduced to rubble.
As information about the attack unfolded, Egypt and Qatar pointed fingers at Israel's military. Qatar went a step further, requesting an independent investigation by the United Nations into the targeted attacks on schools and hospitals.
UNRWA spokesperson Juliette Touma highlighted the uncertainty surrounding the total number of casualties and the responsible party as the situation continued to develop.
Palestinians react following a strike at a UN-run school.
Palestinians react following a strike at a UN-run school.

International Outcry And UN Secretary-General's Statement

This is not the first time the al-Fakhoora school has faced such a tragedy. On November 4, the same school was struck, resulting in at least 12 deaths and 54 injuries.
The scenes were horrifying. Corpses of women and children were on the ground. Otherswere screaming for help.- Ahmed Radwan, a wounded survivor of Al Fakhoura attack
Another UNRWA-run school in northern Gaza faced a similar fate less than 24 hours before the recent attack, further intensifying the humanitarian crisis.
UN Secretary-General António Guterres expressed deep shock at the repeated targeting of UNRWA schools.
I am deeply shocked that two UNRWA schools were struck in less than 24 hours in Gaza. Dozens of people–many women and children–were killed and injured as they were seeking safety in United Nations premises.- UN Secretary-General António Guterres
Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians are seeking shelter at United Nations facilities throughout Gaza due to the intensified fighting. I reaffirm that our premises are inviolable.- UN Secretary-General António Guterres
He called for an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing war, emphasizing the inviolability of UN premises. The international community has joined in condemning the attacks on civilians seeking shelter in UN facilities.

Escalating Toll On Gaza

Israeli air raids have taken a heavy toll on Gaza, with dozens of people, including children, reported dead in various regions.
The Ministry of Healthin Gaza reported at least 31 casualties in Israeli attacks on refugee camps, adding to the growing humanitarian crisis.
The situation remains dire, with hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians seeking refuge in UN facilities as the conflict persists.
Al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza's largest medical facility, continues to be a focal point of humanitarian concerns. Reports indicate that people fled the hospital on foot under orders from the Israeli army.
Philippe Lazzarini described the scene as "horrifying," and Egypt labeled the bombing a "war crime" and "a deliberate insult to the United Nations."

Ongoing Crisis And Urgent Need For Ceasefire

As the 44-day war rages on, the toll on Gaza's population and infrastructure is reaching catastrophic levels. The World Health Organization reports critical conditions at hospitals, emphasizing the urgent need for a ceasefire.
The conflict has displaced over 1.5 million Palestinians, causing widespread suffering and a desperate humanitarian crisis.
The international community watches with concern as efforts are made to address the immediate needs of the affected population and work towards a lasting resolution to the conflict.

Final Words

The repeated targeting of UNRWA schools, including the recent devastating attack on the al-Fakhoora school, has prompted international condemnation.
The escalating toll on Gaza, with casualties reported in various regions and critical conditions at hospitals, underscores the urgent need for a ceasefire.
The ongoing conflict has displaced over 1.5 million Palestinians, resulting in a desperate humanitarian crisis.
As the international community calls for immediate action to address the unfolding tragedy, hopes remain for a lasting resolution to the devastating war.
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