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Spells For Protection - Protect Yourself From Negative Energies


When hearing about spells for protection, magic is one thing that comes to mind. You might be wondering if you can learn how to cast a spell considering that magic has traditionally been portrayed as being something that you must be born into.

The good newsis that everyone has access to magic because it is a spiritual and natural force. You do not need to be born a wizard or witch or a member of a witch's coven in order to perform a spell. You have energy inside of you that you can use to control the environment and universe around you.

Among the various spellsthat regular people use is the protection spell. With the aid of these spells, you can expel evil spirits and relax knowing that you are protected from harm and bad karma.

When confronted with negative energies from other people or the fear of losing or damaging your belongings, you are actually not helpless. Cast a protection spell to conjure an energy barrier to keep evil forces at bay.

Spells for protection should shield you from dangerous negative energies and emotions that could cause physical harm or even psychic attack. They are not intended to cause harm to others. Protection spells essentially function by erecting a shield that disperses evil spirits and negative energy.

Type Of Spells For Protection


Wards are defensive spells that build a barrier or shield to stop negative forces from crossing a line.


Reflections are similar to wards in that they form a shield around a line, but instead of just keeping out undesirable influences, they work by reflecting the negative energy back to its source or into the earth, where it can be neutralized.


A type of protection known as camouflage just conceals the target from magical forces.

Combat Protective Spells

As their name implies, combat protection spells are combative in that they cause reactionary responses that enable the victim to transmute negative energy and use it to power different kinds of magic.

Simple Tools For Protection

Kitchen Magic

Plants that are traditionally utilized to fend off evil exist in every culture. Engaging with plants, whether they are consumed as food or utilized as incense, enables us to take in their magical properties.

The importance of nutrition to our general healthis underscored by the fact that our immune systems shield the body from both harmful energy and unwelcome infections. One of our best treatments and the first line of defense is food. And fortunately, we already have a supply of therapeutic and preventative medicinal herbs in our kitchens.

To strengthen the immune systemand ward off any diseases, both physical and energetic, one might make a straightforward fire cider. Freshly chopped oregano, sage, thyme, garlic, onion, ginger, chilies, and turmeric are combined with apple cider vinegar and packed in a jar.

Make sure the vinegar completely covers the plant matter. You can now enjoy a strong fire cider after straining it and storing it for 2-4 weeks in a cold, dark spot. Regularly take a shot of your fire cider potion, especially when the cold and flu seasons are in full swing.

Numerous of these strong herbs have antiviral and antibacterial qualities that aid in our ability to fight off disease as well as malefic energy. These herbs have historically been used to ward off anything from plagues to vampires, and there's a reason for that.

Smoke Cleansing

Another age-old method to clear energy and summon benevolent spirits is to burn incense. Avoid using any white sage that is sold commercially or anything that contains it, and try burning incense that is related to your ancestors' spiritual traditions (if you're not sure which plants to use right away, this is a great study topic).

White sage is often thought to be the sole plant that can be used for "smudging," or the process of "cleaning" bad energy, as a result of the growing interest in ceremonial practices. Contrary to popular belief, no plant is superior to another because they all possess powerful magic of their own.

Various forms of sage, frankincense, pine, cedar, and rosemary are among the herbs that are utilized all over the world to purify energy. Find a sacred incense that speaks to you or is readily available in your area.

Sacred Adornment

Wearing your power talismans with you throughout the day is easy with jewelry. Consider donning balanced metals like copper or gold or protective gems like obsidian, turquoise, or carnelian. Look for items that speak to you and give you a sense of strength.

Evil eye charms can be hung everywhere around the house or automobile or worn as bracelets or other jewelry. The evil eye emblem shields us against bad energy, especially other people's unintended glances.

Another approach to communicate protective barriers is through clothing and fashion. Our clothing choices have an electric meaning of their own. Try donning white or light-colored clothing if you're feeling very down or have a lot of stuck feelings to help you feel more uplifted.

White is a purifying color that prevents us from being influenced by anything outside of ourselves. Try covering your head with a bandana or hat to reduce some of the energy interference if you experience worrying thought patterns. Red can be worn to build a potent energetic shield and is a hue that denotes empowerment and protection.

People Also Ask

Does Protection Spell Work?

Yes, all spells will work as long as they are cast correctly.

Why Do I Need To Cast A Protection Spell?

To shield yourself from their bad influence and energy, you can cast a defensive charm against them. Cast a protective charm to shield yourself or a loved one from being negatively touched by undesirable people.

When To Chant A Protection Spell?

A lot of witches time their magical acts according to the moon's phases. There are eight different moon phases, however, we'll concentrate on these five here:

  • New moon - the opening of something new
  • Full moon - power
  • Black moon - banish
  • Crescent moon - build
  • Waning moon - rework and rebuild

Final Statement

By researching your ancestors' or lineages' practices and speaking respectfully and deliberately with those of others, spells for protection for loved ones can be enlarged and improved.

While remaining steadfast in your own magic, share your gifts with friends, family, and young people in particular. Listen to your inner instinct. Maintain a high level of defense. Stay safe, happy, and well.

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About The Authors

Caroline Teresa

Caroline Teresa- Caroline Teresa is a dream specialist, psychic, and numerologist whose mission is to empower others through knowledge and cosmic connection to fulfill their deepest aspirations and live their lives to the fullest every single day. Since 2012, Caroline has dedicated her time to providing resources for spiritual journeys and has been using her psychic abilities to assist others in achieving their goals in a variety of areas, including career, relationships, finances, health, and spirituality. She intends to bring you into your own authentic experience of spirituality and hopes to dive you into deep conversations and prayers around topics that touch our lives. Recently she discovered new ways to recognize God’s voice and hear Him more clearly and she is now assisting others in connecting with Him, sensing His presence, and hearing His voice clearly. She believes that every offer is given with sacred intention and created with magic. Simply put, her deepest desire is to spread magic.

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